sábado, 22 de maio de 2010

Maximafilista de Carteirinha - Pantelis Leoussis

Hoje apresentamos um grande maximafilista grego, comissário do seu país na comissão FIP de maximafilia. Vejamos o que Pantelis Leoussis disse sobre o seu contacto com a Maximafilia:
"My first maximum card reached me by chance in the early 70's.I have been a topical collector since 1964 and in my contacts with foreign collectors to swap musical philatelic material I received from one of them (a Japanese), as a gift, a very beautiful card, bearing a cancelled stamp on the front side.The subject magnified on the stamp and the general esthetical impression strongly attracted me and I felt the need to congratulate the creator of such a combination which I had seen for the first time. After that, with increasing speed, I realized many M.C.'s.
The Greek Club of Maximaphilie was founded in 1978.I at last had the opportunity to meet the unknown to me — old collectors. Through the club I have realized the Greek M.C.'s, have learned many more interesting things about the Maximaphilie, and have gotten the addresses of other foreign clubs and magazines; I am now a member of many clubs and have established relations with many of their members."

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