domingo, 2 de janeiro de 2011


E. Aniversário da Fundação Roma -Bangkok 21.04.2004
Obl. P.J conc. 21.04.2004 Roma. Local do Coliseu
Ed. Particular
O Coliseu de Roma foi construído entre 70 e 90 d.C . Deve o seu nome à estátua colossal de Nero. É património mundial da Unesco.

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  1. Perfect, from the FIP CfM standpoint! I like it, too. :)
    From my personal standpoint, I would prefer a postcard that shows the true colors (even if it's a more recent postcard).
    I also prefer, IDEALLY, a maximum card that really travelled by mail as a simple postcard (without envelope) to me, from a partner/friend from the locality associated with the picture.
    The stamp on the picture may or may not count towards the total postage due, along with the stamps from the address side.
    If such a mailed postcard/MC arrives with "battle scars", that's only proof that it really went thru the mailstream, at all risks.